Brita Flower Pot

3D printed flower pot for my parlor palm. Design inspired by my Brita water pitcher.

The Brita Flower Pot was a late-night idea I had after spontaneously acquiring a plant through a popup shop on my school's main quad. After returning it to my dorm and admiring my impulsive decision, I took a closer look. I noticed that the roots of the parlor palm were already showing signs of suffocation due to the insufficient size and drainage of the original plastic pot.

This project aimed to design and develop a flower pot that would provide optimal drainage and adequate space for the roots of a parlor palm. The Brita water pitcher inspired the project and used 3D printing technology to create a unique and functional flower pot.

The design process began with creativity and brainstorming. I decided to use the Brita water pitcher as inspiration, as it had a similar shape and provided an ideal model for a functional yet stylish flower pot. I then proceeded to create a detailed design plan, including the selection of materials and the 3D printing process. The flower pot was designed to have a tapered shape, with a wider saucer for optimal stability open top to provide ample space for the plant's roots to grow.

One of the critical challenges in designing the Brita Flower Pot was to ensure optimal drainage, as the original plastic pot suffered from soil overhydration issues. I included several drainage holes in the bottom of the pot to allow excess water to drain away from the roots and prevent root rot.

Product features: